As Christians we believe that those who die are gathered to God and ushered into new life through Christ. The burial rites of the Church provide an opportunity for friends and family to acknowledge faith and hope in the midst of loss, and to commend those we love to God's never-failing care.

The clergy are available for three kinds of services. A funeral takes place within days following death, with a closed casket or urn present. A memorial service, in which remains are not present, may take place at any time suitable for the bereaved. A committal service takes place at a cemetery or columbarium, and may follow a funeral or take place separately. 

Please contact the clergy at or near the time of death so that the priest-on-call may come to the home or hospital to visit and pray with those who are bereaved. If death is not sudden or unexpected, we hope the family will have been in touch with the clergy prior to death. It is also possible and encouraged to make plans for one's own burial, and to leave those plans on file with the Church.

Information on funeral fees can be found by clicking here.