Refugee Assistance Morristown Partners

Early in 2016, four people imagined organizing a small group who might welcome refugees into safe homes in Morris County. St. Peter's took the lead sending out emails to neighboring churches and faith communities to see if there was any interest. The first meeting that Spring, held in our Parish Hall, brought together 57 people, all showing great interest and wanting to learn how this could be accomplished--safely, competently, and lovingly. What followed in subsequent meetings was nothing less than a miraculous showing of love and support. At the most recent meeting, over 20 faith groups including mosques, synagogues, and churches attended.

In early November, we welcomed our first family: a mother, father, and three children from a Middle Eastern refugee camp. Several months later, a second family was welcomed to Morris County. There is still much work to be done! See the RAMP website for more information, and to find out how you can help.