Adult Education    Sundays 9 a.m. in Parish Hall

Join our clergy, the Reverend Janet Broderick, the Reverend Susanna Cates, and the Reverend Geoff Curtiss, for a discussion of "Bringing Good News to the News!" We'll discuss current events in the light of Scripture throughout the Lenten season. Breakfast is served in this informal class, beginning at 9:00 am every Sunday.







Adult Education Audio:

February 8, 2015
From the series, "We Bad? Ain't Misbehaving": On Being Set Free from Sin
Mikael Salovaara and Rev. Janet Broderick

February 1, 2014 :"How to Avoid being a Monkey on a House-Top: St. Bernard of Clairvaux on the Role of Consideration in Christian Leadership"
Dr. Andrew Irving,  


Jack Spong, "The Fourth Gospel: Tales of a Jewish-Mystic"

December 28: "Breaking the Fourth Gospel out of its Literal Prison"
January 4: "Finding the Clue that unlocks the Fourth Gospel"
January 11: "The Samaritan Woman at the Well and John's call to Universalism"
January 18: "The Mother of Jesus and the Beloved Disciple at the Cross - A Call for new Relationship between Christians and Jews"
January 25: "The Climax of the Fourth Gospel-It is the Crucifixion not the Resurrection"