What is the vestry?

In Episcopal churches, the Vestry is the elected governing body of the parish.  In addition to the Rector, the Vestry is composed of the Senior and Junior Wardens and 12 other members who represent a broad spectrum of the St. Peter's community. According to our church canons, the Vestry has responsibility for the "temporal affairs of the parish," including the stewardship of church money and property, personnel, and program development and oversight.  Read the By-Laws of St. Peter's Episcopal Church here. 


Nerissa Boccino (2020)
Dan Anderson (2019)


Class of 2019
Cameron Dunnan
Kevin Kelly
Henry Magno
Yvette White

Class of 2020
Justyn Comer
Susan D’Alessandro
Michael Giordano
Robert Rosener

Class of 2021
Venanzio Cortese
Lucille Knapik
Cate Proulx
Matthew Stephens


Frank J. Failla, Jr.
Patrick Griffee


Debra Joyal