St. Peter’s Rector Transition —The Next Step: Self Study & Parish Profile

The Next Step in our transition process is to form a Profile Committee to guide us through self-examination and study. The committee will gather data about the parish and surrounding community. They may conduct surveys & conversations, town hall meetings, interviews, focus groups. Ultimately, they will develop the Parish Profile for the Vestry to approve. Thereafter, the Profile is published and the Rector position posted to receive applicants. The profile will describe St. Peter’s history, mission, goals, hopes, and dreams. It will also describe the qualities our congregation seeks in our next Rector.

Now, let us introduce our Profile Committee~

Chair: Kevin Kelly

Members: Evelyn Cole
Erich Huhn
Heidi Griffee
Dave Joyal
Alice Cutler
Venanzio Cortese
Tara Stephens
Bill Wood
Karen Kirby
Jim Yardley
Frank Failla
Henry Magno