Introduction and Purpose

Those who are called to lay service - whether as servers, readers, torchbearers, crucifers, or other roles, are part of a critical ministry of the Church, steeped in tradition and history. It is through the efforts of the clergy and lay ministers, in the practice of liturgy in concert with the congregation, that we create an experience for the whole of St. Peter’s Church – bringing all into the presence and majesty of God in this sacred space.

The liturgical customary describes the observance of the Christian rites at St. Peter’s as they exist today. It is intended to be a guide to our common worship for all those who serve – whether ordained or laity – so that all know what is expected of them in whatever capacity they serve. A common understanding of liturgical movement and practice, and the reasons behind our actions, will enable those of us who serve, as well as the congregation of St. Peter’s Church, to enter more fully into the act of worship and focus on the Body of Christ.

Our customs and practices are rooted in the traditions of the Anglican Church and the observation of the Roman rite - both ancient and modern - adapted to meet the needs of the people of St. Peter’s and guided by the beauty and history of our beautiful worship setting. It should be expected that we will adapt and change our practices over time, evolving with the life of the parish, and that this liturgical customary will be similarly adapted to continue to provide guidance to those who serve.

“Give unto the LORD the glory due unto his name; worship the LORD in the beauty of holiness.” -  Ps. 29:2