Vestry Slate 2019


John Hartley

Nominated for Vestry-3 year term
Occupation: Business Leader at Global Medical Technology Company for over 20 years (retired 2015)
Number of years at St. Peter’s: 1
Committees/Service at St. Peter’s: Teacher/tutor volunteer at the AfterShool on South (October 2018 to present)
Other parish positions: Major outreach/mission positions at previous parishes.
Relevant experience: Human Resources – Recruited, hired and developed a new Procurement organization from a team of 6 employees to a global organization of over 200 sourcing professionals, over a 1year period.
Buildings and Grounds – Leader of Corporate Facilities organization for company’s Franklin Lakes NJ global headquarters (2000 employee population and 1 million square feet).  Lowered costs and improved service for Maintenance, Janitorial, Energy, Construction and Café services.  Working knowledge of local, state and federal agencies with regard to tax appeals, fire/board of health, EPA and OSHA.
Marketing – Developed business and creative marketing plans for several medical product lines.  Led global launch of several new medical products.
Legal – Negotiated and executed complex supply, energy, consulting, HR, information technology/software, construction /facilities and marketing agreements.  Working knowledge of legal terms and conditions, including liabilities, performance management, and exit clauses.
Finance – Work experience and education as an Accountant, Internal Auditor and Financial Analyst.  Responsible for managing significant budgets for over 25 years and developed new company-wide forecast system used at over 60 global manufacturing sites.
Coaching/Mentoring Youth – Certified coach (Rutgers University program) for my  children’s softball and basketball teams.  Served as an adult leader for the Haiti post- earthquake relief and West
Statement: Volunteering at the Afterschool on South has been an extremely fulfilling experience in terms of witnessing the positive impact this program has on the children and parents in the community. If given the opportunity as a member of the Vestry, I will do my best to help St. Peter’s expand and optimize this and other programs, to the betterment of the Parish and local community. 

Erich Huhn

Nominated for Vestry-3 year term
Occupation: Historian
Number of years at St. Peter’s: 1
Areas of experience/interest: Interested in Buildings and Grounds, Outreach/Community Programming, Educational/Public Programming.
I would like to help with the Morristown Cultural District.
Statement: Since coming to St. Peter’s I have been impressed with the tradition and work that the church has done within the community. With my experiences in history, historic preservation, and nonprofits I would bring a unique perspective to the Vestry while honoring the traditions and community that makes St. Peter’s so great. As a member of the Morristown Historic Preservation Commission and working at the Morris County Trust for Historic Preservation I have advised on the preservation of historic buildings throughout the town and would love the opportunity to apply my experience to preserving our campus.

Kevin Kelly

Nominated for Vestry-3 year term
Occupation: Senior Executive
Number of years at St. Peter’s: 23
Committees/Service at St. Peter’s:
●   Choir staff singer/section leader: 1993 - 2003, 2016 - present
●      Acolyte Guild: Acolyte Warden and trainer, 2017 - present; Crucifer, 2016 - present; Lector, 2016 - present; Thurifer, 2016 - present; Verger, 2016 - present
●      Author, St. Peter’s Liturgical Customary: 2017
●      Vestry: November 2017 - present
●      Vestry Fundraiser Chair, 2018 - present
Committes/Service in the Diocese of Newark:
Verger, Election of the XI Bishop of Newark - 19 May 2018
Thurifer, Consecration of the XI Bishop of Newark - 22 September 2018
Relevant Experience/Skills:
●      Music
●      Human Resources
●      Technology
●      Marketing/Outreach
●      Organizational Development
Statement: I have a deep love for all that is St. Peter’s. From the moment I first came to St. Peter’s, I knew it was my spiritual home, and it continued to be regardless of where my travel or work took me. As I have served out an unexpired term on the Vestry, I have been able to apply my passion, drive, and business skills to help St. Peter’s grow and evolve, and I look forward to the opportunity to continue this work. My earnest desire is that everyone - parishioners and those who are not yet parishioners - feel the spirit of Christ’s love in this place and are drawn to the beauty of our worship and the fellowship of our people.


Frank Pessolano

Nominated for Vestry-2 year term
Occupation: Training Consultant
Number of Years at St. Peter’s: 5
Relevant Experience/Skills: Musical ability, Human Resource skills, Internet Tech., Lawyer, Marketing, Finance, Buildings and Grounds, Outreach/Inreach, etc.), Human Reousrce management, Leadership skills
Facility management
Statement: I feel that my skills and talents could offer a “fresh eyes’ approach to the goals and challenges at St. Peters.

 Joel Rabina

Nominated for Vestrry-3 year term
Occupation: Graphic Designer
Number of Years at St. Peter’s: 1
Serving on vestry I hope to bring my experiences and spiritual insights in helping
The growth of St. Peter’s and our faith community. With a background in music, I look forward to being a part of the music department. I have many years as a youth leader/mentor and hope to be an asset to the youth program here at St. Peter’s.
Additionally, I have a passion and desire to leverage all my talents from Graphic design, business management, as well as marketing and advertising to bring new and passionate members to the St. Peter’s congregation. 

Matthew Stephens

Nominated for Warden-2 year term
Occupation: VP, Sales and Product Management
Number of Years at St. Peter’s: 14
Committees/Service at St. Peter’s: Stewardship Committee 2005
Adult Education Committee 2005-2011
Search Committee, 2010-2011
Lector, 2005-present
Chalicer, 2005-present
Acolyte, 2016-present
Vestry, 2018-present

Service/Responsibilities in other parishes: Mission Committee chair, Christ Church, Cambridge, MA 1999-2001; Refugee Immigration Ministry Board Member and representative from Christ Church 1999-2001

Statement: St. Peter’s has been the spiritual home for myself, my wife Tara, and our children Lexie (16) and David (13) for many years.  Our church is an important spiritual and community resource in Morristown.  My family and I have benefitted from the ministries of St. Peter’s, and I would like to increase my contribution of skills and time to keep St. Peter’s organization strong for our parishioners and broader community, now and in the future.

 In serving as warden of St. Peter’s, I will draw upon my years of experience as a manager and executive in private and public companies, my experience serving on for-profit and non-profit boards and committees, and my experience volunteering in churches and non-profit organizations.  In addition to church activities mentioned above, I served on the  IT, capital campaign, and finance committees for the Red Oaks School over the past ten years, as a youth soccer coach for Morris United Soccer Club (2012- present) and as chairman of the Transcaucasian Trail Association charity (2015-present).  I possess an MBA from INSEAD (Singapore) and a Ph.D. in Chemistry (U. Wisconsin).